Weekupdate # 46

Our website has been converted, this is the official website of Milucar. Our Crowdfunding has not stopped, at this moment we are looking for people who want to invest, donate or buy a voucher. We need a final amount to be able to order the sanitary unit. You can find all the information about the Crowdfunding under the heading info. For those who have not yet donated or invested and wish to do, thank you!! We welcome any help!

Our week started by saying goodbye to the family who went back to the Netherlands. The time together has flown and we were happy with all the help!! Next weekend a new Dutch visit is planned, we’re looking forward to it!

Tuesday we signed up for the bank loan, good that this is now also settled.

Last week a start was made with the widening of the road, digging out the terrace behind the reception, and cleaning the spaces next to the reception. Next week they will continue cleaning and levelling the terrain. We hope that the electrician will soon be able to start the connection. The tiles for the reception are ordered and will be delivered tomorrow. Tomorrow, our car will also be equipped with the logos of MiluCar.

There is another busy/full week on the program.

We wish you a nice week and again if you want to invest or donate, or you know someone else who wants to donate or invest, thank you!

For if you missed the latest Tubantia/MiluCar vlog, or want to watch it again because it was so much fun, here’s the link!

UPDATE: We started on 19 October with the groundwork on the ground, we are currently working hard and we hope to be able to open end 2018 MiluCar. For reservations or information, please email or call us. (See contact page)